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Philippe Restaurant Hua Hin

Philippe Restaurant Hua Hin

Philippe Restaurant Hua Hin

Philippe Restaurant Hua Hin

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104 Moo 14 Nong Plub Road, Hua Hin, Prachuapkhirikhan 77110

Weekly Menus & Saturday Special

Weekly Menus @ 190 Baht


  • Tuna Salad
  • Pork Tenderloin Green Pepper
  • Dessert


  • Shrimp Cocktail
  • Chicken with Mushroom Sauce
  • Dessert


  • Chicken Sate
  • Cordon Blue
  • Dessert


  • Shrimp Soup
  • Baracuda with Spinach
  • Dessert

Saturday Special 7 October @ 480 Baht

Buffet Couscous Royale with Lamb, Chicken and Merguez

The Theme Dinners


Dans la cité royale, les ingrédients qui composent ce plat sont bien sûr à la hauteur des attentes de la cour que les clients forment pour un diner digne des rois.


Son succès et son fumet se font sentir jusqu’en bas de la ville. Elle plait à toutes les communautés ; c’est bien la meilleure des garanties culinaires.


Ils vous feront revivre vos grandes chevauchées dans les plaines du Texas et ses accompagnements de pommes frites, à volonté également, vous feront repartir rassasiés.


Le chant des accents du midi de la France accompagne ce plat de poissons et coquillages qui surnagent dans un bouillon de saveurs délicieuses.

Faisan de Chiang Mai à la Fine Champagne

Ce plat vient de loin pour vos papilles expertes. Sa sauce vient aussi de loin. Le tout vous fera vous envoler au-dessus des odeurs les meilleures.

Vol au vent de poulet et champignons

La grande tradition belge avec ou sans parachute pour ce subtil mélange, tout en douceur et saveurs.

Le Steak Tartare

Attila et ses Uns auraient pu choisir la viande de Jean-Pierre, le boucher français de Hua Hin, pour organiser le banquet de la victoire ! Qualité et quantité assurés.


Oysters from France

They are long and fleshy, from Marennes as it should. Served according to your taste with a dash of lemon, fallen vinegar shallots or simply with a finger of butter.

Trout of Chiang Mai with Almonds

It is a nice size and its almonds are sweet to taste. Nostalgia accompanies this dish, something like torrents or rivers of our childhood.

Gratinated Mussels

Carefully put on your plate, they still tremble with their dish and will perfume your table and satisfy the hardest of sinners (fishermen?) >pécheur ou pêcheur ?

Snails from Bourgogne

Chugging they cross the room for a moment with you. Capped butter and garlic, they are ready to suffer the assaults of gastronomes.

Beef Steak “Rossini

It is under the baton of Chief Philippe that will play this wonderful symphony of foie gras and meat. The price is as exceptional as the dish!

Duck breast à l’orange, pommes croquettes

Lacquer is absent but the gilding is present, the duck is happy with its orange and croquettes company. One of the oldest dishes of the French gastronomy.

Belgium Beef Stew “ Carbonnade a la Flamande “

This is the dish that all Flemish recognize among a thousand, it is also the number of customers who came to enjoy in 2013.

Chicken in Red Wine “ Coq au vin “

Its singing is so beautiful that plates applaud. It is served with potatoes, gently caressed by the sauce of the master saucier Philippe.

Soles Meuniere

The waters of Siam bring soles who will come to rest on tongues as if they were twins.

Barracuda with spinach and mashed potatoes

It is part of the big and its strength is equal to its flavor. Garnishes bring him the hint of sweetness that everyone will enjoy.

Scallops with leek

They seem so happy to be there that we almost hesitate to enjoy and leave only the shell to comfort them.

Belgium Chocolate mousse

If we organized a competition for the best chocolate mousse in Hua Hin, there is a good chance that Philippe Restaurant would be among the winners.

Apple Strudel with Amaretto, raisins and almonds, vanilla ice cream

The meeting of the apple and all its friends , grapes , almonds , vanilla and sweet Amaretto will fill you with joy.

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