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Elephant Homes, Hua Hin, Thailand

Elephant Homes Hua Hin for Sale

Elephant Homes Hua Hin for Sale – Elephant Homes are 3 luxury villas all maintained to high standards with modern appliances.
Elephant Homes has just been added on Hua Hin Resales and put for sale.
Who will be the fortunate soul to acquire this magnificent resort in Hua Hin, Thailand. Each of the 3 villas has landscaped gardens which include many features. The villas are situated on a complex with a main gate and each villa has an independent key to gain access.
Villa A – which is the largest plot is situated in 1,260 square metres.
Villa B – which is slightly smaller than Villa A, is situated in approximately 1,000 square metres.
Villa C – is situated in 880 square metres.
All the villas have a carport, incorporating electric gates.

Elephant Homes Hua Hin for Sale

For more information about the property and pictures please visit Hua Hin Resales.

Hua Hin

Hua Hin is one of the fastest growing places in Thailand.
There is the the Black Mountain Water Park which is a very large complex, consisting of many different adventures for people who like watersport activities. They are also currently building another park within Hua Hin itself, which is scheduled for completion in early 2014.
5 minutes from the villas are the floating markets, which are very attractive and interesting, comprising of handbuilt lakes with shops and restaurants around the outside. These markets offer many activities including firework displays, cultural days, all of which makes it a must visit.
There is a magnificent vineyard, which is well worth going to see for its spectacular views as well as its wide selection of wines. It also has some of the finest restaurants in the world.
Another main attraction for anyone visiting Hua Hin is going to see the Black Bhudda, which is very popular with foreign tourists. Set in approximately 70 acres, this extremely large Black Bhudda is set against a spectacular lake, along with multiple restaurants and gift shops. Standing at 12 metres high and 10 metres wide, this spectacular statue is a definite must see.


Hua Hin has some of the most magnificent and picturesque golf courses, including the Hua Hin Golf Course, which is one of the top golf courses in Thailand, as well as the famous Black Mountain Golf Course which is outstandingly beautiful and is well known throughout the whole of Thailand. There are several other golf courses within close proximity of Hua Hin and are very popular with golfing fanatics. All golf courses can be pre-booked and transfers from hotels to the golfing facilities can be arranged easily.


For anyone interested in fishing, there are some impressive lakes throughout Thailand. One of the most famous is John Wilson’s fishing lakes, which are only 5 minutes down the road. More information can be found on their website.

Elephant Park

Another popular attraction which is only 5 minutes down the road from our complex is the new Elephant Park, the outstanding views this park offers must be seen to be believed. The Elephant Park gives you a chance to take a ride on an elephant through the plantations, then the swamps before going back to the complex for refreshments at one of its many small restaurants. The park also offers a crocodile show, including trainers catching crocodiles and also putting their heads into the crocodile’s mouths. There is also an elephant show, which is very worth staying behind to see.


The Villas are approximately 10 minutes away from the nearest beach, these stunning warm sandy beaches are extremely quiet with spectacular views of the surrounding islands, which can be seen from one of its many restaurants or while relaxing under the bright Thailand sunshine.
For more information, please contact Hua Hin Resales.