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Boys or Girls – is it the Genes


Boys or Girls – is it the Genes

Are it the genes to blame?

Typical behavioral differences between men and women are not genetically determined. This popular idea we have to give up.

Are there biological reasons why men are better than women to park backwards?

There currently is a lot of talk that grown men another brain than women. Neurobiologists have approximately shown that the hippocampus is slightly thicker in males on average. This is the region of the brain that allows you spatially oriented. So you can better reverse parking. But that’s boring. The key point is not how different adult brains, but how it comes about. Why the hippocampus is thicker than in men?

Yes why?

Even small guys who come into the world, are based more on external and therefore use with particular enthusiasm the brain region that is active here. Therefore, her hippocampus develop stronger. The brain is an organ with which we orient ourselves in the world, but it is only formed in contact with the world. Say: Our brain is the way we use it, especially if we are delighted.

And why is boys and girls excited about different things?

The genetic predisposition for the development of the brain are the same in both sexes. Except for the Y-chromosome men and women have the same chromosomes. And on the Y is nothing that is critical to brain structure, it only ensures that the embryo grow testicles. The however, produce the hormone testosterone. Therefore, the development of the brain under different circumstances takes place.

What leads to the higher levels of testosterone?

One can compare the child’s brain with an orchestra. Actually, the occupation is the same for men and women. But because of prenatal testosterone exposure back in the orchestra of the little boy who resoundingly more forward while the harmonic instruments fade into the background. One could also say, boys do from the beginning with more drive on the road.

Is identified with the fact that men are more likely end up in boardrooms and prisons than women that their ability to speak is bad, that they are getting rare depression, but rather access to drugs?

Identified is that boys need more support in the outer average. They are oriented more in the room and are looking for something that gives them significance. Newborn girl have the less necessary. They have enough grip in itself.
Boys or Girls – is it the Genes

Designate men therefore as the weaker sex?

Men lack a second X chromosome. This can be compared to a car without a spare tire. All other chromosomes must be present in pairs so that an embryo is viable. Only the man sends the nature with this single X chromosome in the world. This makes the male sex more vulnerable. Midwives know that. If there are complications in the embryonic development or immediately after birth, to die far more frequently the boys. And later the following applies: If a child is constitutionally weaker, it needs to do more to find stability. Not for nothing have these guys affinity for everything looks huge and strong.

Therefore, little boys are on excavators and railways?

Earlier there were tanks, today there are fire engines, monsters and dinosaurs.

Should parents counteract by give sons dolls?

This brings nothing. Boys need neither dolls nor tanks, but stable bonds and tasks in which they can grow. And we have to protect against unfavorable conditions.

Because otherwise we produce school failures and youthful violent offenders? Is it the brain development that we have so much more behavioral problems than girls guys?

Because of their weaker constitution itself inspire guys for anything that might give them success, status and validity. But there are questionable models: fourteen-year-old who brag that they have been raped three girls and show appropriate scenes as mobile video. Group leaders who have risen only by oppression and the devaluation of others.

Are men per se because of aggressive and violent?

No. Looking only with more vehemence to hold and meaning in this world. But they are used by the Company: Men have the cultural function, to open up new spaces and to go on borders. On the highest mountains to climb, to dive into the deepest lakes to discover America, to go to the moon: This is all male. But not because the genes would determine that. But because the search of the little guys is directed to stop in culturally tracks. In times when continents are discovered, sailors are highly regarded. Then all the little boys want to become seafarers. Nowadays, successful men Nobel laureates, scientists, footballers, entertainers.

What’s wrong?

Some of the guys will be the loser. The successful landing in socially accepted positions. The ends other than vagrants, drug addicts, criminals, thugs. However, Nobel laureate and neuroscientists are ultimately just people who have learned to play a role. Men are as they are because they are invited, within their cultural group even as little boys again, just to assume such roles that are important for the particular culture – since the Stone Age. There is no age-old programs that build our men Steinzeitverschaltungen the brain. Must in each new generation every boy who comes into the world, make the painful experience that it only takes the necessary support, if it meets certain requirements. But this is not growth, but bending or self-training. If you want to do more so – for my sake. I would wish for our boys, however, that it takes role players are authentic men.

Need the no support from outside more?

They stop in itself. An authentic man is one in which thinking, feeling and acting are one unit. Neurobiological one speaks of coherence. People who embody this consistency, have a special aura. That’s called charisma.

Who are those men?

Nelson Mandela. Albert Schweitzer.Joerg Naussed, Obama looks a bit after that, but that remains to be seen over time only. Such men are rare.

So what men need to do in your opinion?

It is not my intention to tell people with a raised index finger, as they have to live their lives. I present my findings as a brain researcher and biologist available. But this results in a banal conclusion: the brain One can ruin the course of their own development and that of his children into the bargain. Then ripen Kümmerversionen of what could have been. But you can also try to create conditions so that actually applied potentials to unfold. The fact that a degree of cross-linking is produced in the brain, which allows you to live a richer, more open, more joyful life begeisterteres and design.

And how, pray tell, is that possible?

First you’d have to deal with themselves. Approximately represent the wonderful question: Why am I become as I am? What experiences have made me to this man? Then you would soon come out that could influence the experiential spaces of the next generation cheaper than adults, as was the case in their own development. But if I have no desire to change my life, I sit down in front of the TV, doing business as usual and say that it was genetic. Men are such innate everything to do nothing. Then actually everything remains as it is.

What does a little boy?

The most important thing would be a really good father and a few other men in relatives and friends who like men themselves, the companies with which this boy and like him as he is. Love does not mean yes, that cuddles all day. You have to give the children a chance to develop their potential.

Bring the so-called new fathers who go now droves on parental leave, the turn of the male brain development?

I think it’s great if there are now fathers who really take responsibility for the binding and guiding their children within the meaning of supportive leadership. But these are still very, very few. We have problems with the many guys who grow up without good male role models.

This has been known for years.

Therefore, I wish a lot more grown men, who work for these guys. The stand is available. The invite these guys, encourage and inspire you to discover together with them, which can mean maleness. The rise with them in the mountains, fishing in rivers, customize modern media anything Great, go to the circus, whatever. The main thing is the common experience that it’s fun to be an authentic human being. I am planning an initiative that accurately conveys such mentors.

What has this to do with brain research?

This is the paradigm shift in neurobiology. When the brain is, how to use it with enthusiasm, brain research can not stop at the skullcap. We could have the best biological and genetic systems. That does not help. Without culture the man could not walk on two legs times. It needs someone to be there to show us how and what we use our brains. And this task has to be perceived consciously and responsibly by adults. We must our children, boys and girls, not themselves or even left in their quest for a place in this society the media.