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Chicken Fighting at Big Boom Hua Hin

Chicken Fighting at Big Boom Hua Hin

Chicken Fighting at Big Boom Hua Hin


Chicken Fighting at Big Boom Hua Hin

Chicken Fighting at Big Boom Hua Hin is every Sunday and Monday, starts at 12.00 noon the entry fee is just 30 Baht/person!

Easy to find:

Follow the road to Black Mountain Golf and on the Corner to Puh Montra (straight) and Black Mountain Golf (left) is the Chicken Fighting at Big Boom Hua Hin!

Everybody is welcome to join the Chicken fights it’s on Sunday mainly and if you like to see a real fight for a chicken then join the Monday as well. If you have your own Chicken you are welcome to bring it and put it in the ring.

Profitable & old Thai tradition of cockfighting with top fighting birds worth up to 3 million baht & gambling bets as large as 22 million baht.


Cockfighting in Thailand: Popular pastime & big business

The cry of roosters drowns out the roar of engines beneath a Bangkok flyover as all eyes are trained on two sparring birds, a bloody, high stakes battle in a country where cockfighting is big business.


For the few dozen men surrounding a technically illegal but tolerated underpass cockfighting ring, cockfighting cockfighting Meaning: when male fowl (chickens, roosters) Thai Translation: การชนไก่ Learn more is as much a generations-old Thai tradition as it is commerce

“It’s a way to preserve ancient Thai culture and pass it on to our children,” says one 50-year-old.

The official government view supports cockfighting as part of Thai culture.

“We’ve had cockfighting since ancient times, for more than 700 years,” said Pitsanu Prapatananun from the Interior Ministry, which encourages raising the birds in local communities as a form of “extra income”.


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