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Cha Am ATV Adventure Park

Cha Am ATV Adventure Park


Cha Am ATV Adventure Park

Cha Am ATV Adventure Park a must go for the Families or a group of friend’s. Horse riding or Paint Ball will make you having a great and long sleep at night!

Cha Am ATV Adventure Park -Action and Adventure in Cha-am



Cha Am ATV Adventure Park


Cha Am ATV Adventure Park has three tracks with sharp curves, tall speed breakers and few bamboo bridges to test your riding skills. ATV stands for ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE which means vehicles that can cross any kind of ground. Cha Am ATV Adventure Park has 3 tracks.



is for practicing, learning correct driving skills, test driving and learning intensive care controlling i.e. careful use of accelerator, reducing the speed, breaking or stopping, turning, balancing, learning road signs, warnings, and directions.



is to have fun driving the ATV cars on adventurous, curving, uneven, and steep roads, which challenge your ability. To put to good use your skills gained from Track A and apply them to use on this track.



was designed to simulate cross country driving which is not difficult or too tough for new drivers. You will have a lot of fun with this track and the experiences gained from tracks A and B can be put to good use on this track.


  1. Wear a helmet at all the times
  2. Listen carefully to the advice given before using the ATV cars.
  3. Press the accelerator by using your right thumb and then let the car move off slowly.
  4. Test the brakes.
  5. Control the car by using hands, arms, and shoulders, balancing body weight while driving on both straight line and curved road ways.
  6. Always start with Track A to understand the car first.
  7. Drive at an appropriate speed. On adventurous roads, drivers could lose control if they are moving too quickly.
  8. Put your feet on the foot rests. Do not put your feet out of the car and do not put them on the ground to balance yourself


It’s that easy that Kids can do it after a short introduction!


Take one Round on the ATV Track (A) with Thailand Hua Hin:


How to find Cha Am ATV Adventure Park:



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